Please note entries for CABE Built Environment Awards are now closed

Project Awards

Awarded in recognition of outstanding projects that have raised standards in the industry. 

This award recognises projects which go beyond minimum building regulation requirements to recognise and accommodate a diverse range of end users, including disabled people. The awards panel will investigate the ways in which futureproofed, high quality, people focussed, usable spaces, which avoid segregation whilst providing independence and equity of choice, have been created.

Rewarding projects, teams or individuals that have made a significant contribution to the safety within our buildings. The award recognises structural safety and helping to maintain and build public trust but is not limited to these disciplines. The award panel will be looking for proactive and innovative projects or schemes that consider the life safety of all users at construction and occupation of our buildings.

To meet net zero carbon objectives, the construction industry must now deliver projects that include ways to significantly reduce a building’s carbon emissions and its impact on the environment. With a consideration for the building’s embodied carbon, product production, the construction processes, operational energy use and the circular economy. This award recognises building practises or activities that have made a positive impact on the reduction of carbon emissions within the built environment.

Collaborating with those across the sector is vital as it ensures different ways of working across project teams and supply chains. This award recognises collaboration that has worked to achieve better value, better outcomes, better performance and lower costs.

By demonstrating outstanding application, or the development of digital technologies, this award recognises the positive impact that adoption of technologies and innovative products, can have on the performance of buildings and the productivity of the construction sector.

This award rewards projects and teams that demonstrate through professional management, the delivery of efficient and effective facilities management services. Submissions for this award could consider, amongst others, aspects of health and safety management, the wellbeing of users, energy efficiency, or exceptional facilities management services that have enhanced the lives of buildings occupants and the wider environment.

The Fire Safety award rewards a project, team or innovation which delivers significant improvements to the fire safety of occupants of buildings in an effort to cause a cultural shift in the mindset towards fire safety across the sector. Helping to build the profile of the importance of fire safety and to improve fire safety across the sector to help rebuild public trust.

The Health and Wellbeing award recognises projects or systems that have significantly contributed, in a positive way, to the health, wellbeing and productivity of the occupants of buildings. Examples could include projects that have considered ventilation, heating, lighting, biophilia, air quality, the prevalence of toxic building materials to enhance the experience for the users.

This award recognises exceptional design, delivery, or performance in the creation of new buildings. It rewards projects that demonstrate best practice, provide user satisfaction and the use of innovative materials and techniques to deliver outstanding buildings.

Buildings form the cultural identity of a country and protecting these historic buildings is essential. This award recognises projects that have utilised materials, traditional building methods and processes to sympathetically improve quality, accessibility, sustainability and user satisfaction for generations to come.

Refurbishing existing buildings is essential to ensure that they remain fit for purpose, are a safe environment for users and the wider public and reduce their environmental impact – cutting energy usage and emissions. This award allows refurbishment projects to be honoured for the contribution that they make to future-proofing and retrofitting existing buildings.

The Sustainability Award recognises projects, buildings, systems, methodologies and new products that are both future proof and working to ensure the quality of that future. Innovative practices, choice of materials, design considerations and improvements to ecology, nature and the wider environment will all be considered. The winning project will demonstrate how it minimises its energy usage, its carbon emissions and its impact on the wider environment.

Organisation Awards

Presented to organisation’s that have gone above and beyond in ensuring the welfare and development of their teams, whilst encouraging innovation and creative thinking.

The Organisation of the Year award looks at how the organisation embeds their values and brings them to life in the construction of their projects for high quality outcomes for their clients.

This award recognises a company that demonstrates how it embeds ESG into its strategy, planning and processes, to achieve real results and additional value that addresses the needs of all the organisational stakeholders.

This award recognises a construction sector business that demonstrates exemplar commitment to carry out its business in an ethical way, with a specific focus on considering the social, economic and environmental impact of its operations.

The construction and property sector is continually facing skills shortages and low productivity compared to other sectors. The winner of this award is an organisation that has implemented innovation that creates the environment for overcoming the systemic skills shortages and productivity challenges in the sector. This could be in the provision of an academic course or training within an organisation.

This award will consider the development or launch of a new construction product or building technology that creates a substantial positive change in the market – driving performance, productivity and/or safety within the built environment.

This award looks at an organisations commitment to mentoring, coaching and developing current employees. The awards panel will look for clear evidence of the process taken to develop employees to ensure consistent, positive and meaningful development, as well as how this development can be seen in the positive achievements of the business.

This award will recognise the development of a product, new knowledge and understanding, or improved processes, that help to drive better outcomes for the built environment through better performing buildings, safer buildings and increased productivity.

The Team of the Year award considers how a team has taken the strategic direction of the organisation to deliver positive outcomes.

Individual Awards

Recognising Building Engineer’s outstanding contribution to the industry, Individual Awards honour a professionals recent achievements.
Entries for the Student of the Year and Apprentice of the Year Awards will only be accepted if the entrant has completed their educational course/apprenticeship within 12 months of their date of entry and Redactive reserves the right to request evidence of the same at its discretion. Failure to provide evidence, where requested, will result in the relevant entry not being considered.

The Apprentice of the Year award highlights an individual who has made a significant contribution to their workplace, whilst demonstrating a commitment to both their career and the development of the sector. This individual will be passionate and dedicated to their studies, eager and able to apply this knowledge to their career in a bid to positively impact the built environment and succeed in their field.

Entries for the Apprentice of the Year award will only be accepted if the entrant has completed their educational apprenticeship within 12 months of their date of entry and Redactive reserves the right to request evidence of the same at its discretion. Failure to provide evidence, where requested, will result in the relevant entry not being considered.

The Building Engineer of the Year award shines a spotlight on the contributions and achievements of the most competent professionals within the construction industry. This award looks to recognise dedication to competency, driving standards and demonstrating best practice in every area of a building engineer’s work.

The Gold Service Award recognises a significant contribution made by a CABE Chartered Member over a sustained period of time to the association or how the association is perceived in the market place at a regional, national and international level. This could include a member who has dedicated their time and energy and can therefore demonstrate a meaningful contribution that has advanced CABE in a significant way.

This award celebrates the hard work, dedication and drive to uphold standards of a Residential Property Surveyor. Showing how their expert knowledge allows them to assess the condition of residential properties to detail defects and causes for concern for the client, to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction.

This is presented to an exceptional learner who has demonstrated a positive impact on their own professional development and academic studies through effective application of the theory they have learnt. This award will give due recognition and encouragement to students who have demonstrated outstanding performance.

Entries for the Student of the Year award will only be accepted if the entrant has completed their educational course within 12 months of their date of entry and Redactive reserves the right to request evidence of the same at its discretion. Failure to provide evidence, where requested, will result in the relevant entry not being considered.

The Young Building Engineer of the Year award gives us an opportunity to recognise the next generation of building engineers and highlight their dedication, drive and commitment to the built environment. This award demonstrates that through their continuous drive for improvement, they have had a positive impact on the sector.